Game Localization

The Indie Duet is a professional translation team of two, for a total of four hands and twenty fingers localizing independent video games from English to French. Always strike a chord with your international audience!

Sarah Deville

Sarah is having the time of her life localizing for the games industry. She's a sucker for witty dialogues, puns, bestiary descriptions, cosmic horror, cute animals... What a random blend of things! She is regularly blasting synthwave music or sipping tea while scouring the web for the obscure terms, idioms and all that jazz.She loves racking her brain to find the most imaginative solution, and contributed to various cool and quirky titles.

Lucie Teulières

Lucie is a literature and translation graduate who likes nothing more than telling stories, from cute little antics to gloomy folktales. She enjoys immersive worlds, head-scratchers of all kinds, maps, deep lore elements that almost nobody reads, and research that takes her through the oddest rabbit holes.She specializes in creative loc & atypical narrative devices that give the indie scene all its weirdness and flavor.

Why work with an established duo?


What do linguists and witches have in common? They know the value of a fresh pair of eyes. (Ew.) And that's why we plan a thorough review of the translated text, followed by a round of in-game testing (LQA). It takes two to tango AND to handle a proper quality assurance process from A to Z.Each movement of this careful concerto is facilitated by our familiarity with each other's work and methodology. We communicate particularly well, be it to exchange feedback, settle points of doubt or readjust our production to include new ideas and information.


Everybody knows that great ideas either come randomly in the shower, or get shaped and polished through some lively group brainstorming.After two years of back and forth on an almost daily basis, we have learned to tackle the trickiest creative challenges together, and to gradually ping-pong our way towards the perfect solution.Among wider teams, we bring this dynamic to the table while staying mindful of other perspectives. You can sign us up any day for jam sessions with a bigger ensemble ♫


When the volume of a file requires us to co-translate, we're in touch non-stop and rely on a tried-and-true toolkit to track every choice (extensive glossaries, character sheets, CAT tool resources, story briefs...), making sure that the end result is perfectly harmonized.We know each other's style and our shared experience allows us to quickly identify, signal and solve any detail that might need special attention to produce a seamless four-hands loc.We're always in tune!

Our duet shares a lot of views, references and quality standards — with just enough differences to keep things interesting.
Think pretty harmonies rather than unison!
Last but not least, we enjoy working together very much, which is an endless source of motivation to go above and beyond 🚀

Past Adventures together

These are the non NDA games for which we collaborated in translation, reviewing or LQA roles, as a duo or as part of bigger teams.

Wild Card

Sasha Boucheron

LQA & Loc Support

Linguist Sasha might lend a hand here and there depending on each project's volume and needs. A dear friend of the Indie Duet, Sasha is a nimble all-rounder who translates video games, novels, mangas and mental health resources from English and Japanese into French. They give every project their 100%!

Sasha's avatar is made by artist May Laen.

The Indie Duet also has contacts in numerous other languages.
Fancy a multilingual localization orchestra for your game? That's music to our ears. Drop us a line!

2023 - Lucie Teulières & Sarah Deville #TranslatorsInTheCredits | Avatars: 白七一